Mushrooms with walnuts in Georgian recipe with photo step by step

Instead of fresh, you can take frozen or dried mushrooms (dried ones will need 5-6 times less than fresh ones). Frozen mushrooms can be thawed in any convenient way (for example, in a microwave oven on the appropriate mode – see the instructions for your technique) and drain the liquid. Or, if the amount of liquid in the recipe is not critical, use without defrosting. Dried mushrooms must be washed well, since they are not washed before drying, and then soaked in cold water for at least 2-3 hours.

Important! The wrong pan can ruin even the best recipe. Read all the details on how to choose the perfect frying pan for different dishes here.

Any oils are useful only until a certain temperature is reached – the smoke point, at which the oil begins to burn and toxic substances are formed in it, including carcinogens. How to determine the frying temperature and choose the best oil for frying, and which one is better not to use at all, read here.

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