Nectarines in syrup halves – a simple and tasty recipe, how to cook step by step

Halves of nectarines in syrup

Prepare fragrant nectarines in syrup at the height of summer and after 6-8 weeks enjoy the most delicate taste of these fruits. I like to simply serve nectarines to the sweet table or use them as a filling in pastries, as an addition to puddings and other desserts.


  • Nectarine –
    25 PCS.
  • Water
    1,25 l
  • Sugar
    500 Mr
  • Lemon acid
    2,5 c.l.

Step by step cooking recipe

Wash hard nectarines, wipe with a kitchen towel, cut in half, remove the seeds. Boil water at the same time.

Fill pre-sterilized jars with halves of nectarines to the top, pour boiling water and cover with lids. Leave to infuse for at least 1 hour.

Then drain the liquid from the jars into the pan, add sugar and citric acid, bring to a boil and pour back into the jars.

Roll up jars of nectarines with sterile lids, wrap and cool upside down. After a day, remove the jars of nectarines in syrup in a cool place.

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