New Year’s Eve: traditional recipes from around the world

For us New Year’s is synonymous with cotechino and lentils, but in world each country has its own traditional recipes to celebrate it. At the basis of every culinary invention we find the will to conquer a little good luck and to start off on the right foot. From foods that resemble the coins to desserts with surprise lucky, the panorama appears varied.

1 Greece

Among the traditional dishes with which the world celebrates New Year stands out the Vasilopita Greek, also known as cake of San Basilio, from the saint who brings gifts to children on January 1st. The sweet is round and is prepared with flour, eggs, butter, sugar and almonds, to which the mastic, a typical liqueur. One is hidden in the cake dime lucky charm. The first slice is for Jesus, the second for the Saint and the others are served to the diners in order of seniority.

2 Germania

New Year in German-speaking countries is synonymous with marzipan pig, almond paste. With this, to which the wealthgods are made piglets which are given as a good luck charm. The animal symbolizes the prosperity and the upturned nose is added to it to praise the progress.

3 Traditional New Year’s recipes in the world – Scandinavia

In the Scandinavian countries for New Year’s Eve we prepare what is called in Danish Wreath cake. It’s a cake alta whereby concentric circles of are stacked Marzipan. A bottle of is placed in the center Aquavitthe potato liqueur, or sparkling wine.


In the USA, the traditional recipes that make the New Year tasty follow a principle: peas for pennies, greens for dollars, and cornbread for gold. Beans black eye, broccoli, spinach e most are, therefore, protagonists in the South of Hoppin’ John, a salad enriched with bacon. Under each plate is placed a dime auspicious

5 Brazil

Among the traditional recipes that make the New Year’s dinner an event in the world we find the Feijoada brazilian. The dish consists of one stew of pork and black beans, which goes well with liquor. Among the possible accompaniments we find sausages, boiled vegetables and white rice.

6 Haiti

A Haiti the celebrations for the New Year coincide with those for independence. On the tables there is, then, the Squash soupa soup spicy with pumpkin, beef, vegetables and spices. Under the French domination the dish was prepared by the slaves but it was, then, forbidden to them.

7 Traditional New Year’s recipes around the world: Japan

Among the recipes that enliven New Year’s Eve in the world, the Toshikoshi sobabuckwheat noodles dipped in broth. With theirs form elongated they symbolize the longevitywhile the healthy and simple ingredients used are auspicious for a good year salute.

8 Spain

In the world, among the protagonists of traditional recipes prepared for New Year’s Eve there is also fish. In Spain we eat, then the Brandade of coda cream of salted cod creamed with potatoes. This is spread on bread and served as antipasto.

The world offers us an incredible mix of traditional recipes to draw from inspiration to celebrate the New Year. Often to remain inevitable is the toasts con rites attached propitiators. If in Spain you eat a grape ofuva for each stroke of midnight and in Greece opens a pomegranate to eat its seeds, greeting the new year is always a mixture of superstition and taste

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