Nicola Longanesi wins the white apron

The very young Nicola Longanesi, already a competitor in Junior Masterchef, presented himself before the judges of Masterchef 12 receiving 4 yeses.

In the episode of the Masterchef 12 auditions of 22 December, he presented himself among the aspiring chefs Nicholas Longanesi, 19 years old, from Bagnacavallo. The boy, who studies gastronomic sciences in Parma, is already well known in the family of Master Chef Italy because seven years ago he had participated in Junior Masterchef Italia when he was just 12 years old. It was Bruno Barbieri who interrupted his adventure, but the boy did not give up on his dream, and today he presented again in front of the chefswinning 4 yeses.

Masterchef 12: Nicola Longanesi, the new competitor after Junior Masterchef

Nicola’s adventure in front of the stove Junior Masterchef it had ended due to Bruno Barbieri following an incorrect replica of one of his dishes. The chef immediately recognized the boy: “I remember you, Lidia Bastianich was in love, you had those beautiful blue eyes”, and asked him if he was there for some sort of ransom. The boy replied like this: “Yes, a sort of ransom. I cried when they kicked me out, but that gives me the drive to try again. It is perceived that this is not a game, there is another climate”.

The boy appeared before the judges Sergio Locatelli, Bruno Barbieri and Antonino Cannavacciuolo with a dish titled “I fell for it again“: ravioli filled with creamed cod and buffalo mozzarella with red prawn tartare, hazelnuts and asparagus sauce, and fully convinces them. After two yeses from Locatelli and Cannavacciuolo, once again his judgment depends on Barbieri: “Life is amazing, once again your destiny is linked to my judgement”.

After pretending to hand him the gray apronwhich involves additional challenges to try to enter the program, the chef smiles: “I want to see you fight, but I want to see this fight in the Masterclass”. Nicola is officially a competitor of the 12th edition of Masterchef Italia and obtained the

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