Not only carbonara, in the USA they also love zozzona and gricia

Carbonara is perhaps the most famous and discussed dish. But in the Usa, by now, they have also discovered the other firsts capitolini and they begin to love them all right. Just look at the NY Times, to get an idea, which in recent months has celebrated two specialties of the Roman tradition such as gray and filthy.

Melissa Clark celebrates gricia

Oh yes, in the US they love too gray e dirty. Just note the celebratory words that can be seen in the recipes and in the latest newsletters dedicated to the two specialties Let’s start from gray. This first course is practically the white version of amatriciana, or a carbonara without egg.

The NY Times celebrates it with a dedicated newsletter written by Melissa Clark. Here is the eleogy that we read about the specialty “It is one of those spectacular and simple dishes so emblematic of Roman cuisine. You’ll find it on the menu of almost every trattoria in Rome, where the dish is loved by locals and tourists alike. And it couldn’t be easier to do at home – explains the famous foodwriter .

The heartening thing is certainly an adequate knowledge of the recipe, at least in the intro. “Get some ingredients really good, treat them with care and you end up with a mind-blowing meal that transcends the seemingly basic mix of bacon, cheese, pasta, and pepper. It’s like magic,” she writes Clark.

At this point various solutions are linked, including the first of Mark Bittman which includes tonnarelli, like pasta and a regular procedure with guanciale, percorino and pepper (the traditional ingredients). But, then, we also find other recipes with the “salami” sausage or with beans.

The filth in the US

Before figuring out how along with the gricia, the filthy one is celebrated in the US, let’s first see what it is. It is essentially a Capitoline super dish that combines the preparations of carbonara and amatriciana. We start by cooking the typical sauce of the latter and then add the egg cream. An anti-waste calorie bomb, but also a very tasty dish.

The NYT discovered it some time ago, also because Americans really like this type of dish. Last year, the newspaper had in fact disclosed the recipe (signed by Anna French Gass) with both an article and a post on his Instagram page and had been a success of interactions.

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