Nutella: here are the new limited edition jars

Nutella has launched a line of new jars dedicated to the key events of history that occurred between 1964 and today. There Limited Edition Nutella Con Te aims to disseminate information and disseminate culture with a design unique, focusing on a product now established. The project, carried out in collaboration with ANSAit turns out three dimensional and involves different media.

The Limited Edition Nutella With Tea

The new jars created by Nutella are already arousing curiosity. The line was created to celebrate the events that between 1964year of birth of the famous cream, and today they have revolutionized the history. Facts capable of changing the lives of individuals and communities have been selected, which can still be recognized todayinspiration. The new jars are 59one per year, and were made with a graphics innovative. Among events celebrated we find the landing of man on Luna of 1969, the invention of mail of 1971 and the development of the penna cancellabile of 1981. Among the most recent events chosen, however, the invention of the World Wide Web of 1991, the opening of the first Social Network of 2004 and the advent of the first smartphone in 2007.

Why the new Nutella jars?

The new Nutella jars are born with a very specific intention. Ferrero wants to show that “there is always something new to savor e to discover everyday”. The company aims, in fact, to awaken emotions and sensations in those who have had the good fortune to experience the selected key events. The project aims, however, above all to bring the most people together young to History, making it more for them concrete. The hope is that the new generations can learn something new and know made by them now far away, and then leave to drag from the drive towards innovation and creativity that events promote. The events have been selected in collaboration with ANSAthe first information agency in Italy.

A three-dimensional project

The new Nutella jars are designed to become a real resource multimedia. Each of them is equipped with a barcodethrough which it is possible to access a section of the site of Nutella dedicated to the Limited Edition. Here everyone can elaborate on the history of individual events, thanks to lyrics drawn up by ANSA and with the images of the time always selected by the Agency. Furthermore, the project could not miss the musica. From the site it is then possible to access the profile Spotify of Nutella. On the platform the multinational has created playlist suitable for immersing yourself in the atmosphere of each year, thanks to the great successes of the time. Users have the pleasure of personalizing them.

The new Nutella jars dedicated to history appear destined to collect a great deal success. These can be found in all retail outlets.Italia and October 2022 in formats da 750 ge da 1 kg. Il prezzo varies from €5.99 to €6.99. In short, the hunt for the collection is open.

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