Oceans, redfish are in danger but Russia still fishes them

They can grow up to 50 cm and live in the sea Irminger, North Atlantic Ocean. Atlantic pelagic redfish have traditionally been one of the most important resources for commercial fisheries in countries such as Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Russia. Too bad the ICES (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea), a regional advisory body based in Denmark, has suggested the fishing halt with immediate effect for some years already. The reason is the risk of extinction of the species.

Even if the decision is formally an opinion of a body without legislative powers, the various countries concerned have blocked fishing boats (which is usually done in the face of scientific opinions of the kind). All except the Russia who supports a different thesis and continues to fish tons of redfish.

The blockade on redfish fishing that Russia does not respect

That’s how things went. Several scientists have analyzed redfish stocks in recent years, concluding that the population was declining dizzyingly.

These reports have actually convinced the moth to recommend the interruption of fishing in the national waters of the countries involved (United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Greenland and others). A decision that serves to preserve a great resource and maritime species. A bit like what happened with sea urchins in our Puglia.

Russia’s response

All countries have accepted the provisions, which will be in force for about 3 years. Except for Russia which has opposed the blockade of redfish fishing. Write the The Guardian that the country led by Vladimir Putin has categorically refused to adopt the measure. Indeed, he would have warned the Neafc (North-East Atlantic Fisheries Commission) to have conducted an independent research which would demonstrate the state of health of the species.

Many are skeptical of this evidence. One of these is an EU official, who al The Guardian he stated that Russia has not provided the Neafc with any scientific proof of his thesis. And in recent years he has continued to catch redfish at worrying levels.

Redfish fishing in Russia

In 2017, before ICES recommended the cessation of all fishing activities, Russia caught 24,361 tonnes of redfish. In 2021, after other countries had stopped fishing, it took nearly 22,000 tons. A very small reduction.

Russia, however, is not legally obligated to follow NEAFC decisions. Members of the group meet annually to discuss how to manage shared stocks, but any nation can protest quotas and simply capture as many fish want.

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