Olivier with avocado and sour cream maheev mayonnaise

Step by step cooking recipe

Cut the chicken breast into small pieces and sprinkle with curry, salt and pepper.

Fry until cooked in vegetable oil.

Do not fry too much, the meat should remain juicy.

Cut sausages into thin slices.

Hard boil eggs and cool.

Boil peas for 2 minutes from the moment of boiling, then put in very cold water.

For Olivier, cut the avocado, eggs and carrots into cubes the size of a green pea.

Mix the sliced, peas, green onions, chicken breast and sausages in a bowl.

Season with Maheev mayonnaise and mustard for piquancy.

Bon appetit!

Additional Information

In this salad, I replaced potatoes with avocados. 🥑
Canned green peas were replaced with fresh ones. ✅
Green onions in a salad do not give sharpness like onions. 💯
The salad turned out with a very soft and delicate taste! 🥗
Assorted chicken breast and hunting sausages make the salad rich and satisfying. 🍗

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