Omelette without milk (in French)

Omelette without milk (in French)

So let’s go
we break the eggs into a bowl and mix well, for some reason French chefs say that this should be done with a fork, and not with a whisk, for example, be sure to salt.
The next step is to send the melted butter to the eggs.
mix again and then into the pan.
As soon as you see that the lower part has already seized, or the edges have turned white, we begin to fold.
And literally wait another 15-20 seconds, after a few times you will understand how you like it more, more baked or less.
Well, that’s all, put a little parmesan and pepper on a plate for serving.
Bon appetit, try to cook it at home,
I’m sure you’ll love it, it’s easy and delicious!

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