Overgrown cucumber salad for the winter

Overgrown cucumber salad for the winter

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Do not rush to throw away overgrown cucumbers – they can be put into winter harvesting. Prepare an assortment, a pickle in a jar or a salad. Today I want to share with you a simple cucumber salad recipe for the winter. Because a good hostess never loses anything!

Step by step cooking recipe

Rinse the cucumbers, peel and cut into small slices.

Finely chop the onion.

In a bowl, combine cucumbers and onions, add salt and sugar, mix and leave for 15-20 minutes to form juice.

Then put the bowl of salad on the fire, pour in vegetable oil, add chili peppers and boil the workpiece over medium heat until the cucumbers change color.

Add vinegar, stir and remove the bowl from the heat.

Pack the boiling salad in pre-sterilized jars and roll up. Turn the jars upside down, wrap and leave to cool completely. Store cooled cucumber salad in a cool, dark place.

Ekaterina Parshina

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Ekaterina Parshina

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