Packaging: the new EU proposal to say goodbye to bagged salads

L’UE wants to eliminate as much plastic as possible from supermarkets and the new proposal on packaging goes in this direction. The directive presented by the European Commission aims to tighten the packaging of fruits and vegetables and could affect the industry as well winery. Coldiretti denounce the measure as disadvantageous for consumers and market and demands to find a compromise.

The new EU proposal on packaging

The new EU packaging proposal has not yet taken effect, but it is already doing so discuss. The legislation is intended to limit the amount of waste pollutants associated with packaging. As formulated, the text currently provides for the elimination of packs of fruits and vegetables weighing less than 1.5 kg. Vegetables can therefore only be purchased bulkor in larger formats.

The legislation outlines changes also in the wine sector. Here the aim would be to establish weight and measures standard for spirits and to promote the reuse of the bottles. By 2030, therefore, the 10% of packaging will have to be inserted into similar systems. The percentage will rise to 25% in 2040. For i come the objectives are reduced to 5 and 15%.

The new proposal and the stop to bagged salads

The new EU proposal on packaging could change the face of ours expense. From the aisles of supermarkets, the bagged saladshow much bowls which contain those already ready. The same goes for the packs of fruit and vegetables already cut. We should, therefore, say goodbye to waste bins strawberries and similar formats.

According to the Italian Food Union the 38% of the Italians buy products of this type regularly. 81% buy salads in bags, 40% opt for ready-to-eat ones, while 30% choose chopped fruit. As far as alcoholic beverages are concerned, the new directive is moving towards eliminating formats magnum. Furthermore, the producers do not look kindly on the reuse of bottles and remain, instead, oriented towards deepening the strategies of recycling.

Coldiretti against the new EU proposal on packaging

Coldiretti has sided against the new EU proposal on packaging. The Association stressed that the legislation creates problems sanitation and proves disadvantageous for i consumers. In fact, producers risk having to support costs greater and this would have an impact on the prezzo the final. The provision could, then, affect the matter waste. The eliminated formats are, in fact, for many a valid help for limit them.

Codacons has therefore highlighted that those who will experience the greatest hardships will be the single not couples no children for whom buying limited quantities of fruit and vegetables is a necessity. Coldiretti also raises the alarm for the blow that two leading sectors would suffer in the context of exports. The sales of Italian fruit and vegetables on foreign markets have reached an altitude 5.7 billion euros in 2022 and for wine the value rises to 8 billion.

Coldiretti and Codacons have recognized the need to intervene on packaging to reduce plastic, but the request to the EU is to recalibrate the new proposal on packaging. After the 8% reduction in the consumption of fruit and 10% in that of vegetables recorded in 2022 the alert is high. Today only 16.8% of Italians eat four portions of fruit and vegetables a day and the budget could get worse.

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