Pancake machines – the best models

The pancake machines they are used to prepare this delight in batter, perfect for breakfast but also for a snack. In fact, pancakes require a smooth, non-stick surface on which to cook for a couple of minutes on each side before being eaten.

When choosing the best model, you need to consider a number of elements, not just the price. Indeed there are pancake machines domestic, small and compact and other more professional and bulky. They offer similar functionality, but change power and any extra features.

There are also different types of pancake machineseach of which has its own specific features and functionality.

So let’s see how to make the right choice pancake machines!

Electric pancake pans

The electric pancake pans are devices specifically designed to simplify the preparation of pancakes. These pans feature a non-stick cooking surface and built-in heating elements, allowing pancakes to cook quickly and evenly.

Indeed, they are designed to guarantee a uniform heating of the cooking surface. This means that the pancakes will cook evenly across the pan, avoiding burns or overcooked areas.

Electric pancake pans vary in size and cooking capabilities. Some models can bake a single pancake at a time: they are small and space-saving pans, perfect for singles or couples who don’t prepare so much dough at a time.

The LONSVTTU frying pan, for example, allows you to cook one pancake at a time giving it a nice heart shape. Inside it is also possible to cook eggs, using both gas and induction hobs.

Padella per pancake LONSVTTU

Padella per pancake LONSVTTU

To have more room for maneuver and independently choose the size of each individual pancake, however, the wider non-stick pans, where to arrange the compound as you prefer in terms of quantity and size. They are also ideal for cooking crêpes, just use a ladle and pour the mixture on the surface.

It is the case of pancake pan Rosemary26 cm in diameter, which works on induction hobs and other hobs, which also includes a spatula for flipping pancakes or crepes.

Pancake Pan Rosemary

Pancake Pan Rosemary

If the family is bigger, however, they are there electric pancake pans to cook up to 4 pancakes at a time. They are in fact composed of several round slots where to place the pancake mixture, which is cooked evenly with a precise size.

With the paddle Bobikukefor example, it is possible to prepare 7 pancakes at a time using the slots inside, each of which has the relief of a nice and funny smiley.

Padella per pancake Bobikuke

Padella per pancake Bobikuke

Automatic pancake machines

An alternative to frying pans is that of automatic pancake machines, which are small appliances designed to make the pancake-making process as easy as possible. These machines are equipped with an automatic system that doses the dough and cooks the pancakes autonomously.

They plug into the electrical socket, they heat up and once the temperature is reached it is possible to place the right amount of dough which is cooked automatically in a few seconds.

There are open automatic pancake machines, which look like a plate with slots for pancakes, convenient for seeing where the dough is cooking. As in the case of Techwood TCP-800a plate for pancakes and small crêpes for 8 people.

Techwood TCP-800 Pancake Maker

Techwood TCP-800 Pancake Maker

There are also automatic pancake machines with lid, which work similar to waffle makers. Once they are turned on and the temperature is reached, place the dough, close the lid and after a few seconds the pancakes are ready. You don’t need to turn them because these machines are heated both above and below, which makes making pancakes even easier.

ROMMELSBACHER is an example of a pancake maker with lid, which prepares 4 pancakes at a time with a diameter of 13.5 cm each and features an LED display, control light, overheating protection and 15-minute timer for personalized cooking times.

Machine for pancakes ROMMELSBACHER

Machine for pancakes ROMMELSBACHER

Dispenser per pancake

To make the use of pancake machines even easier, whether they are frying pans or automatic, the dispenser per pancake. This tool usually consists of a container with a lever or button on the top that allows the dough to be dispensed onto the hob in the form of small circles.

One of the main advantages of the pancake dispenser is precisely the ability to dose the dough with precision. You can adjust the opening of the spout or the pressure on the lever to control the amount of dough dispensed. This allows you to get pancakes from uniform size and helps avoid waste, especially if you use wide pans without pancake slots.

PERFETSELLfor example, is a 900ml pancake dispenser with a wide-mouth design on the top, so you can easily insert the batter via a ladle, and a hole on the bottom that’s adjustable by the ergonomic handle that dispenses the desired amount of batter.

PERFETSELL pancake dispenser

PERFETSELL pancake dispenser

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