Pancake roll trio #Shrovetide 2023 – step by step recipe with photo

pancake roll "trio" #shrovetide2023: step 1

1. Break eggs into a bowl. Add salt, sugar, beat.

pancake roll "trio" #shrovetide2023: step 2

2. Add milk, water, mix. Add sifted wheat flour. Stir until smooth.

pancake roll "trio" #shrovetide2023: step 3

3. Add sifted cornmeal. Mix until smooth.

pancake roll "trio" #shrovetide2023: step 4

4. Cover the finished dough and leave for 30 minutes.

pancake roll "trio" #shrovetide2023: step 5

5. Fry the pancakes in a heated frying pan greased with vegetable oil on both sides until golden brown.

pancake roll "trio" #shrovetide2023: step 6

6. Stack ready pancakes.

pancake roll "trio" #shrovetide2023: step 7

7. For the filling, peel the apple, cut into cubes. Put butter in a pan, add apples, 2 tsp. sugar and stew apples for 7-8 minutes.

pancake roll "trio" #shrovetide2023: step 8

8. For the second filling, cut the banana (in half circles).

pancake roll "trio" #shrovetide2023: step 9

9. For curd filling, add egg yolk, 2 tsp to mashed curd. sugar, vanilla, mix.

pancake roll "trio" #shrovetide2023: step 10

10. For the roll, we need 9 pancakes: 3 pancakes go for the base of the roll and 2 pancakes with each type of filling. For rolls with fillings, put the filling on the edge of each pancake, roll into a roll. Apple roll. Thus, prepare the second apple roll.

pancake roll "trio" #shrovetide2023: step 11

11. Put the banana filling on the pancake, roll up the roll. Thus, prepare 2 rolls with banana filling.

pancake roll "trio" #shrovetide2023: step 12

12. Put the curd filling on the pancake, roll it into a roll. Prepare the second curd roll in the same way.

pancake roll "trio" #shrovetide2023: step 13

13. For the base, put 3 pancakes on parchment or silicone mat (slightly overlapping each other, see photo).

pancake roll "trio" #shrovetide2023: step 14

14. Put rolls on the base: 2 rolls in length (in length) with apple and banana filling, put cottage cheese rolls on top of the rolls.

pancake roll "trio" #shrovetide2023: step 15

15. Roll the stuffed pancakes into one long roll. Lubricate with egg white and bake in an oven preheated to 180 degrees for 15-20 minutes.

pancake roll "trio" #shrovetide2023: step 16

16. Allow the finished roll to cool.

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