Pancakes frizuelos #shrovetide 2023 – step by step recipe with photo

pancakes"frizuelos" #shrovetide2023: step 1

1. We prepare products for the test. Combine milk with water. The mixture should be warm.

pancakes"frizuelos" #shrovetide2023: step 2

2. Knead the dough. We break the egg, combine with a whisk. Spread flour with salt. Stir thoroughly so that there are no lumps. Add brandy (cognac), lemon juice and zest.

pancakes"frizuelos" #shrovetide2023: step 3

3. I will also add butter to the dough so as not to grease the pan for baking the next pancake every time. Usually these pancakes are fried in oil until golden brown. I won’t do it for myself. You fry pancakes to your liking!

pancakes"frizuelos" #shrovetide2023: step 4

4. The dough is ready. He needs to stand for 40 minutes.

pancakes"frizuelos" #shrovetide2023: step 5

5. For the filling, you can take jam, jam, jam, sweet cream. I’ll make applesauce. If there is ready-made puree, then use it. I did not peel the apples, removed the middle and cut into small cubes. She poured water into a saucepan, laid out apples and added sugar. Boiled until the apples were boiled and the liquid evaporated. It was possible to break through with a blender, but the apples themselves boiled well, I did not do this. After all, I’m not doing a blank, but for once.

pancakes"frizuelos" #shrovetide2023: step 6

6. Ready puree.

pancakes"frizuelos" #shrovetide2023: step 7

7. We bake pancakes. Heat up the pan well. I’ll grease it for the first pancake only, then I won’t. I have butter in my dough. Spread the batter in a thin layer by tilting the pan from side to side. It is very convenient to knead the dough in a bowl with a spout because it is great to pour the dough into the pan through the spout from it. Fry the pancake on one side.

pancakes"frizuelos" #shrovetide2023: step 8

8. Easily turn over to the other side and fry.

pancakes"frizuelos" #shrovetide2023: step 9

9. Remove on a plate. We spread 1 tbsp of apple puree on the pancake, spread it over the pancake. We tuck the edges of the pancake a little on the right and left, twist it into a tube. We need any form or a small baking sheet, where we will bake pancakes further. I have a form with a width of 15 cm and a length of 20 cm. We coat it with oil and put the pancake tubes into the form. I got 4 pcs. From the dough, I baked 6 pieces of thin pancakes D-24 cm. The amount of puree was enough for exactly 6 pancakes.

pancakes"frizuelos" #shrovetide2023: step 10

10. Sprinkle the top of the pancakes with either sugar or powdered sugar, sprinkle with brandy (cognac), put in the oven for 20 minutes at t-200 C.

pancakes"frizuelos" #shrovetide2023: step 11

11. Done.

pancakes"frizuelos" #shrovetide2023: step 12

12. Serve. We cut off a piece, put it on a plate, brew coffee and just enjoy delicious pancakes.

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