Panna cotta with orange glaze – step by step recipe with photo

Panna cotta with gelatin:

. Mix gelatin with water – mix and leave for 10-15 minutes

. Mix cream, milk, sugar and vanilla sugar in a heavy-bottomed container – mix

. Whisking constantly, bring the cream to a boil and dissolve the sugar.

. Leave the cream for 5-10 minutes to cool slightly

. Add the swollen gelatin to the cream – mix very well

. Pour the hot cream into molds, cover the molds with cling film and refrigerate for 6-7 hours

Panna cotta without gelatin:

. Combine cream, milk, sugar, vanilla sugar and salt in a heavy-bottomed container and mix.

. Whisking constantly, bring the cream to a boil and dissolve the sugar/salt.

. Cover the “in contact” cream with cling film and leave on the table until it cools completely.

. Add the egg whites to the cooled cream – mix very well

. Pour cream into molds

. Put the forms in a baking sheet and pour boiling water into the baking sheet (the forms should be immersed in boiling water by ¾)

. Send the baking sheet to the oven preheated to 160-170 degrees, where the panna cotta will be baked in a water bath for 60-70 minutes

. Remove the panna cotta from the oven and leave in the molds to cool completely.

. Cover the molds with the cooled panna cotta with cling film and refrigerate for 1-2 hours.

Orange frosting:

. Remove zest from oranges – add to a heavy-bottomed container

. Squeeze juice from oranges – add to zest

. Add sugar to this

. Bring the icing to a boil, stirring occasionally, and then boil until thickened.

. Cover the icing bowl with a lid and leave to cool completely.

Assemble the panna cotta dessert:

• Spread the orange glaze on top of the frozen panna cotta

• Carve the orange fillet – place the fillet on top of the glaze

• Garnish dessert with a few mint leaves

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