Pasta carbonara without cream, the most popular pasta

Step by step cooking recipe

So let’s start

First we cut the bacon, we cut the bacon approximately like in the video, you should not grind it, but large pieces will also be out of place.

After, we rub the cheese, for this there is a special side on the grater, which you probably never used with small spikes protruding outward, the cheese should turn into small crumbs – like snow.

This makes it quicker and easier to turn into a sauce during the cooking process.

Pasta carbonara owes its name and origin to miners from the Italian province of Lazio.

Carbonaio is translated from Italian as a miner or collier.

Working in harsh mountainous conditions on a rotational basis, workers came up with dishes that could be prepared using stored food.

Next, prepare the base of the sauce, eggs. We need 2 yolks and 1 protein.

Gently mix everything into a homogeneous mass, do not beat.

We proceed to fry the bacon, in a well-heated pan, until golden brown, so that the fat melts and the taste of smoked meat is strong enough.

In general, in Itolia there are several hundred types of pasta.

someone calls the number 300, and someone more than 600.

In Russia, they don’t bother whether you have spaghetti or penne in front of you, and yet there is a difference, because different types of pasta are combined with different types of sauces

e.g. angel hair the thinnest paste, best paired with light sauces and seafood

Bucatini is suitable for tomato sauces, pecorino cheese and guanchale (the so-called dry-cured pork cheeks)

Campanelle is a short, bell-shaped pasta that goes well with thick meat and cheese sauces.

This paste must be mixed well before eating so that each bell is filled with sauce.

But for example, FARFALLE, or butterflies, which in Russia are also called bows, are usually served with seafood and vegetable sauces, and very rarely with thick meat sauces.

Set aside the bacon and boil the pasta as directed on the package, be sure to al dente, do not overcook.

Forget about those pasta that your mother cooked for you in childhood).

Spaghetti is always used in the classic recipe, but as practice shows, all types of pastas are used, the main thing is that they are made from durum wheat.

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