Pesach: what are the traditional Passover foods?

Pesach it is an anniversary of great importance for the Jewish people and foods brought to the table at the ritual dinner they underline it. From the unleavened breadto dessert, passing through bitter herbs, each dish is linked to liberation of the people of Israel from Egypt. In Italia the home kitchen has, moreover, become the protagonist of a mutual exchange, which still lasts.

1 Matzah, unleavened bread

During the Pesach period, which lasts 8 days, it is forbidden to eat foods containing yeast and, in theory, also to keep some at home. To act as prince of the table is, therefore, the unleavened breadmatzah, that remember how the Jews fleeing Egypt had not had time to wait for the leavening of the product. This is achieved by a dough to the five cereals and water, which it rests for a few minutes. It is used, then, as base for various preparations, including lasagna and pancakes.

2 lamb

Among the foods that cannot be missing during the Sederritual dinner that takes place on the first two evenings of Pesach, we find thelamb. This can be served in a variety of ways, but is typically roasted with only aromas and one is brought to the table legs. Other versions they involve the use of honey, prunes and almonds. The lamb is a symbol of sacrifice and remember the animal killed by the Jews on the eve of the exodus to mark their homes.

3 Bitter herbs

Among the most representative foods of Pesach rituals, bitter herbs stand out. These, with their tastebring to mind the terrible period of slavery in Egypt and are the ubiquitous side dish. Today in our country they are mostly used lettuce, escarole, chicory e endive.

4 Boiled egg

Among the symbols that make Pesach dinners so solemn is theboiled egg. This food, without edges, represents for the people of Israel the death and the vita. In memory of the escape from Egypt, a new beginning that cost the lives of many, one is, therefore, immersed in salt water.

5 Charoset

Among the most representative foods of Pesach we find the Charoset. It’s kind of jam very dense, obtained from the processing of apples, dried fruit and cinnamon. For preparation there is no one recipe official and each family offers its own version. This represents theclay with which the Jews built the buildings of the pharaoh. In the Charoset you can dip the bitter herbs and it wears out smeared on unleavened bread or in cups.

Jewish cuisine in Italy

The presence of many Jewish communities in Italy has meant that the cuisine of the people of Israel assumed an important role in our country throughout history. Many traditional dishes of our house have been adapted to the canons of Kosheror of what is lawful consume according to the dictates of the Torah, and the influences have been mutual. Between recipes most popular born from mutual exchange we remember, then, i artichokes alla Giudiathe sarde in cheap along with many preparations in bitter-sweetthe caponateas well as remakes of tomato and bacon and carbonara in a Kosher key.

Passover yes it approaches and many in Italy are preparing to celebrate it. The anniversary begins on the night between the 14th and 15th of the month Nisan, which coincides with spring and the harvest. Ritual dinners provide for a series of guests in a precise order and prayers and tastings alternate. The symbolism associated with foods that are connected to Pesach complete the picture.

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