Pickled cucumbers with coriander for the winter

Pickled cucumbers with coriander for the winter

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Just a little bit of coriander easily transforms any dishes, giving them a special taste. For example, I really like to add it to pickled cucumbers, and today I will tell you more about this recipe in more detail. If you were just planning to try something new – catch a great idea.

Step by step cooking recipe

Soak cucumbers for a couple of hours in cold water.

Pack them tightly into clean jars of herbs. Add spices to taste.

Pour boiling water over and leave covered for 10 minutes.

Drain this water, boil again and pour for another 10 minutes.

Drain the water again, add sugar, salt and coriander, and boil.

Pour in the vinegar and pour the marinade over the cucumbers.

Roll up the cans for the winter.

Irina Kovaleva

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Irina Kovaleva

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