Pie with dried fruits and apples

Step by step cooking recipe

. For the dough: I drive eggs into a deep bowl, add a pinch of salt, sugar and vanilla sugar, beat with a mixer so that the mass turns white, add vegetable oil, add baking powder to the sifted flour, mix everything with a mixer.

I cut dried apricots not finely, add raisins to dried apricots, pour cognac and leave for 20 minutes.

. I grind the walnut, add sugar and cinnamon to the nut, mix.

. Peel the apples, cut into slices, put in parts in a bowl and cover with starch, mix.

. Form (diameter 20 cm) I line the bottom and sides with parchment, pour out part of the dough, level with a spatula, sprinkle with nuts, put some apples on the nuts, put dried fruits on top and pour everything with the remaining dough, put the remaining apples on top, sprinkle with nuts and send to the oven for 60 minutes, temperature 170C.

. Ready and cooled cake, sprinkle with powdered sugar on top.

Video recipe

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