Pineapple: properties, benefits and contraindications

Diuretic, anti-cellulite, anti-inflammatory, digestive: thepineapple it has so many beneficial effects that there are many good reasons to bring it to the table. Let’s find out more closely what they are property of this fruit, between truths and false mythse how to taste it to fully enjoy its innumerable nutritional virtues.

The properties of pineapple

A high content of water (over 85 g per 100 g), many fibrea very large amount of potassium (250 mg per 100 g) and barely 40 calorie. It’s the pineapple numbers, or pineapple sativa, scientific name of the pineapple fruit, a plant of the Bromeliad family. Precisely this name reveals another of the substances of which the pineapple is rich, the bromelainwhich as we will see is responsible for many of its beneficial effects.
The nutritional identity card of this fruit is completed by a moderate amount of vitamin C e beta caroteneboth with antioxidant action.

The health benefits of pineapple

From the heart to the skin, from cellulite to digestion, pineapple helps to stay healthy and fight many ailments. Let’s find out all its positive effects.


As we have mentioned, one of the compounds responsible for the benefits of pineapple is la bromelainan enzyme found in the stem to which numerous studies have attributed anti-inflammatory properties. For this reason it is often used as a food supplement cellulite treatment, to reduce inflammation of tissues swollen by stagnation of liquids, and therefore represents a natural remedy against this very frequent blemish in women. The researches conducted in the clinical field have mainly used the extracts of fresh pineapple stem, particularly rich in this compound: although it has not been demonstrated that similar beneficial effects can be obtained by eating the fruit, it is still a good habit to consume pineapple, within a varied diet, to enjoy its properties and ensure its precious nutrients. Here’s a little trick which, in addition to being good for your health, is also anti-waste: don’t throw away the pineapple stem! It is precisely there, in fact, that bromelain is concentrated, so learn how cook with husks and scraps and use it to prepare a tasty smoothie drenante.

Useful for aiding digestion

Bromelain also has the ability to stimulate digestion, especially of protein foods, e reduces the feeling of heaviness and stomach pains that we sometimes feel after eating a little too much. That is why pineapple is one of foods that aid digestion perfect to be enjoyed after meals, unlike other fruits which can slow it down and cause swelling and which, for this reason, are more suitable as a snack, not after lunch or dinner.

The benefits of pineapple for women: diuretic and ally against water retention

Thanks to the high content of water and potassium, pineapple plays adiuretic action which makes it useful for eliminating excess liquids and counteract water retention. This quality, combined with the anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous effect of bromelain against cellulite, makes it a true beauty ally for women.

The antioxidant fruit that strengthens the immune system

Thanks to its richness in vitamin C with antioxidant action, pineapple helps preserve the elasticity of the skinbecause this vitamin stimulates the collagen production, the main constituent of tissues. The synergy between vitamin C and beta-carotene, which the body transforms into vitamin A, strengthens the immune system.

Pineapple: does it really burn fat?

Unfortunately it is not true that pineapple has the power to burn fat. as points out theHigher Institute of Healththis false belief most likely derives from the ability of bromelain to break down protein molecules in foods, thus making them easier to digest. It is, however, an action that it has no effect on fats, so the slimming properties of pineapple are just a false myth. However, thanks to his reduced caloric intake and to the discreet content of fibers, which stimulate satietya regular consumption of pineapple can however help maintain a healthy weight and control appetite during meals.

Heart protective

As evidenced by a recent research analysis on the effects of this compound conducted in Poland, many studies have also recognized bromelain cardioprotective, anticoagulant and anti-thrombotic properties which make it useful for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and blood clotting disorders.

The benefits of pineapple on humans: natural aphrodisiac?

An alleged aphrodisiac power is also attributed to pineapple: its digestive action, together with the ability of bromelain to improve blood circulation, would make it one of the beneficial fruits for improve men’s sexual performance. As evidenced by a study review on the applications of this substance in the health sector, bromelain would also be effective in treatment of erectile problems such as that caused by Peyronie’s disease: this condition, characterized by an accumulation of fibrous-scar tissue in the penis, causes an abnormal curvature during erection and can cause such pain that normal sexual activity is impossible. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, bromelain is said to have the ability to slow down or inhibit the accumulation of tissue that is at the origin of the disease and to avoid the most serious complications.

Contraindications: when not to eat pineapple?

As he points out Humanitaspineapple may enhance the effect of some antibioticsso if you are following an antibiotic therapy we advise you to ask your doctor for advice before consuming this fruit.

Recommendations for consuming pineapple: raw is better

To enjoy its healthy properties, it is best to eat raw pineapple: it contains many beneficial substances, such as bromelain and vitamin C deteriorate with heat of cooking, which is therefore preferable to avoid as much as possible.

Pineapple recipes

Pineapple is a very versatile fruit, which lends itself to the preparation of many recipes, not only sweet but also savory. It is perfect especially in meat dishes: how can we forget a great classic of Chinese cuisine such as chicken all’ananas? But you can also combine it with different meats, such as pork and veal, for example affected such as bresaola, a fish and shellfish such as salmon and prawns, both in the main courses and in the salads, where it also goes well with other exotic fruits, such as avocado and lime, with spinach and rocket, with dried fruit. Take advantage of its digestive power and serve it after a meal: you can prepare fruit skewers as an alternative to the traditional fruit salad or a fresh dessert like pineapple bavarois.

Discover the pineapple recipes in the Ingredients section of Buonissimo.

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