Pizza for each zodiac sign: the ideal one for everyone

Do you know that there is the perfect pizza for every zodiac sign? For all tastes and for all characters, find out right away which one is yours!

The stars also influence the sphere of cooking, shaping tastes and flavours. And, in fact, there is a pizza suitable for every zodiac sign. The beloved product of Neapolitan tradition it is good with any type of sauce and dough. With the high or super-thin ledge, there is something for all tastes and for all signs. To the detriment of personal tastes, each character has its own combination with a particular dish. Are you curious to know which pizza you are based on your zodiac sign? Make yourself comfortable and look for yours!

Pizza for each zodiac sign
Pizza for each zodiac sign

A pizza for each zodiac sign: here is the list

Let’s start fromAriessign fumantino and very direct. For such a decisive character, an equally daring taste is needed. These features go very well with a good one Diavola. Only mozzarella, tomato and a very spicy salami. With its strong aftertaste, this pizza isn’t for everyone, just like you!

The friends of Tour they always stand by their ideas and there is no one who can stop them. Even in the kitchen, they have their own particular tastes, which no one can dispute. For a stubborn sign you need an equally bold flavor, characterized by a pizza with speck and parmesan.

Bringing together the various personalities of the Twins it is very difficult, but in these terms one thinks about it Four Seasons. Not one but four flavors in a single pizza, to satisfy any kind of mood you have at the moment. Olives, mushrooms, cooked ham or artichokes, it’s better for them to abound.

The friends of Cancer they are the true traditionalists of the zodiac. Quite often they would prefer it simple, with just mozzarella and tomato, but every now and then you have to indulge in a little something new. That’s why one is better Four cheeseswith a sweet and delicate aftertaste.

Il Leone is the more energetic sign, so a pizza that is light but full of energy is suitable. The best choice is a thin product with a light dough, preferably wholemeal, topped with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and bresaolaLean meat par excellence.

The friends of Virgin they do not give up balance, even in the kitchen. Indulge in some whim yes, but always in moderation. For this reason, a wholemeal dough is preferred for a tasty one Greengrocerfull of healthy and tasty vegetables.

One more right pizza based on the sign…

Make a single decision for the Balance it’s hard enough, even when it comes to pizza. Sometimes original and extravagant, sometimes simple and traditional, the right choice can be somewhere in between. For this, a good one is ready pizza with only mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and rocket.

The Scorpions they know no sacrifices even in terms of pizza. What you want you get, or you order in a pizzeria. Those who always aim high need a truly original and substantial product: a pizza with buffalo mozzarella and sausage.

Il Sagittarius is one of the best signs of the celestial arch: loyal, intelligent, selfless, with a lot of positive energy. In short, it seems that there are only positive adjectives for those born under this sign. For this reason we could not fail to assign the most loved pizza of all, never taken for granted, a cornerstone to which you can never say “no”. The classic margarita!

In contrast, the friends of the Capricorn they pay a lot of attention to their wallets. Every now and then, however, you can indulge in a whim, always keeping an eye on savings. For this reason, a pizza is suitable Boscaiolawith mushrooms and sausage.

For those born under the sign ofAcquarium it takes freshness. The right choice is obviously a fish-based product, but with some references to the land. The most suitable is a light one pizza with shrimp and zuchinis.

I Pesci they are real control freaks. For them, everything must be in order and calculated, which is why they don’t like surprises. What is more suitable is a traditional and – widely known – Capriciousa product for those who do not tend to leave their own comfort zone.

And do you know which dessert is best suited to your zodiac sign?

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