Poppy seeds: properties and benefits

In our traditional cuisine poppy seeds are entering little by little but it would be more should consume them more frequently consider their various properties and numerous benefits for the body. Let’s see what are the qualities of these small but healthy seeds.

Poppy seeds, properties and benefits for everyone?

We have already mentioned that poppy seeds are recognized different properties and significant benefits for our health. Indeed, although it might seem impossible, those tiny seeds contain numerous beneficial substances, such as omega 6, oleic acid, potassium, calcium, fiber vitamins and numerous other minerals. However, it is fair to mention that these seeds they also contain alkaloid substances very similar to those of opium, even if the quantity itself is very low and is further reduced by 90% by manufacturing processes. Furthermore, those who follow a low-calorie diet should not exaggerate in the doses because, being oilseeds, contain many calories.

The main properties of poppy seeds

Poppy seeds are aimportant source of omega 6oleic acid and potassium which have the property of reducing the concentration of cholesterol in the blood, providing benefits to the heart and the entire cardiovascular system. Important antioxidants how manganese and vitamins C and E fight free radicals, slowing down cellular aging. The calcium contained in poppy seeds is a valuable one help for bones and teethespecially for women in menopause. These seeds are also precious allies of our health because they promote the metabolism e fight anxiety and stress.

Poppy seeds in the kitchen

Normally poppy seeds are used to culinary purposeespecially in the baking it’s us bakery products such as bread, breadsticks and the characteristic bagel e Pretzel, typical sandwiches of Central European gastronomy. They can also be used for decorate and flavor dessertslike strudel, or soups e salads. They can also be added to yogurt o al latte of the breakfast. There is actually no limit to the imagination, so poppy seeds can also be sprinkled on top of some stewed vegetables or on the surface of a savory pie. They are so fine that they can even be used for aunusual breading.


The properties of poppy seeds were already known to Ancient Romanswhich they also attributed to you aphrodisiac properties. For this they added them to the cooked, a drink that during weddings was offered to newlyweds in view of their honeymoon. THE Galli they squeezed poppy seeds to get them oliowhile i Celts used them to prepare baby food to soothe and put babies to sleep. When we talk about poppy seeds for food use, which can be both black and white, we are referring to Black poppy and al I will finish the poppy. Il red poppy that we are used to seeing in the meadows in spring has nothing to do with it, because it comes from that variety nothing is obtained, if not so much beauty when in full bloom. Finally, the poppy from which opium is extracted is the variety sleeping pillswhich has slightly pinkish white petals.

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