Pot for polenta: which one to buy and how to use it

Il pot for polenta it is the fundamental tool for preparing this winter dish with an unmistakable and delicious taste. This polenta pot, born in copper, can have a classic shape or a truncated cone shape with a flat bottom, but we can also find electric and cast iron models, even for induction hobs.

The pots for polenta are often equipped with accessory tools which support in the preparation of polenta, making it faster and more convenient. Even the classic copper models have evolved into electric models, with additional support handles and automatic mixers.

How to choose the best pot for polenta

To understand how to choose the best pot for polenta, you must first check where it will be used, on gas or induction hobs? This will limit the choice to one or the other category, so the material of the pot will change according to this element.

Then we need to consider on what occasion polenta is usually cooked: for so many people? Or just for a couple? This affects the pot sizeit is useless to take one that is too big for little polenta and vice versa with a model that is too small, the risk is of having to prepare the polenta in several tranches.

Il design over time it has changed slightly from its original form. In ancient times its design was flaredcon rounded bottom e only one handle arched in order to be hung on the hearth. Over time they were made models with a flat bottom and two handlesone long and one short, to be easily used with both gas and electric hobs.

Paiolo in rame

Il paiolo in rame it is the original model of polenta pot, the traditional version with which it is still cooked even today in restaurants and typical clubs. In fact, copper is an excellent conductor of heat, it prevents food from sticking and burning and spreads the heat evenly.

The copper pots available on the market today, in reality, also have a polenta mix with electric motor ‚Äč‚Äčthat through an integrated shovel ensures homogeneous cooking and prevents those who prepare it from always being present at the stove. It is the case of Ardes burns in a pot.

ARDES Paiolo In Rame

Electric kettle for polenta

Technology has also made it possible to have the electric kettle equipped with a motor powered by electricity. One can find copper models with metal arm that moves slowly for cooking without lumps. Sometimes in these models there is also a metal element that holds the copper basin, the motor and its blade so as to guarantee solid support.

The electric kettle usually has a low power consumption and can be used both hot and cold. This appliance is very useful for mixing other dishes as well as in the case of BEPER automatic mixer.

BEPER Automatic Mixer

BEPER Automatic Mixer

Induction pot for polenta

In the case of induction cookers, the choice inevitably falls on the aluminum or stainless steel polenta pot. In fact, the latest generation electric kettles can also be used for induction cooking, ensuring maximum freedom in the kitchen. The Paiolo in Acciaio Inox Ardesfor example, guarantees perfect cooking of polenta and preserves for induction hobs.

Ardes Paiolo Acciaio Inox

Ardes Paiolo Acciaio Inox

Cast iron polenta pot

I cast iron kettles they allow for long cooking over low heat with constant heat, an excellent system for the success of a good polenta. Cast iron is a more resistant and heavier material than copper but guarantees equally constant cooking. IS cheaper but it may present a greater difficulty in cleaning. Vigor Blinky Ilsa, instead, it’s a durable yet easy-to-clean enamelled cast iron cauldron.

Vigor Blinky Ilsa Cauldron cast iron

Vigor Blinky Ilsa Cauldron cast iron

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