private life of the chef and judge of Masterchef

Chef, traveler and viveur, the multi-starred judge of MasterChef Bruno Barbieri has a secret dream: to have a daughter.

Bruno Barbieri, Bolognese chef born in Medicina on 12 January of 1962 (Capricorn), has become known on the small screen thanks to his participation as a judge at Master Chef Italy. Charming, ironic, elegant and pungent, Bruno has certainly known how to get noticed and stand out within the cooking talent (as well as in 4 Hotel).

Who is Bruno Barbieri?

The passion for cooking she is not the only one who wins Bruno Barbieri’s heart. Alongside it (and the countless Michelin stars that accompany him in his career), Bruno also cultivates a passion for travel, fashion and give it.

To the judge of MasterChef (who has conducted the broadcast since the first editions), although he is no longer a youngsterIn fact, he wouldn’t mind starting a family. Maybe later, when work won’t keep it that way engaged and will allow him to devote all the time necessary to the care of emotional ties. For now he enjoys travel, work commitments that excite him and discover the world that has always surrounded and fascinated him.

Oringinario at Medicine he is tied to Spain (where his father worked) as much as to Italy (his mother’s land). The city of his heart, however, is Bolognawhere I know his Bistrot Fourghetti is located.

Bruno Barbieri
Bruno Barbieri

The private life of Bruno Barbieri

Bruno seems to have spent his life surrounded by women, who as he says “they come and go“. His open-mindedness was also reflected in intimacy, as he himself revealed to Vanity Fair:

I’ve never had homosexual relations, but it happened that we were three or four and there were also men. Of course, with Cracco I would never run away. Maybe with Bastianich“.

From good vain (the famous chef also posed for Vanity Fair), Bruno admits that he loves female attention. What he looks for in the family, however, is not the figure of a wife, but that of a daughter. Bruno’s dream would, in fact, be to have a little girl to grow up and spend with lots of time together. For now, however, the chef is not complaining about his family at all: he is very attached to his mother, while it seems that only in adulthood has he managed to create a bond with his father. Bruno Barbieri seems to have stated that he has always been afraid of not being supported by his father with respect to the career choice of dedicating himself exclusively to the kitchen.

On his instagram profile he doesn’t let much information about his leak out privatefocusing above all on the shots related to his television adventures (especially with Masterchef colleagues).

The career of the chef: from restaurants to television

The great passion for cooking has been a life motive for the Bolognese chef. In fact, he enrolled in hotel management school and, after graduating, found work as a second cook on cruise ships. Here he learns a lot about the culinary art not only of Italy, but of different countries. After about 1 year and a half he returns to the mainland and starts working on the Romagna Riviera until he arrives at the Solarola inn. Then move on to the restaurant The Trigaboloand here he will meet his true mentor: chef Igles Corelli.

Subsequently Barbieri opens archade nell’Hotel Villa del Quar-Relais & Châteaux in the province of Verona and, after a period of running the restaurant, he chooses to leave Italy for two years: in 2010 he reaches Brazil to return to Europe in 2021. With his return he decides to open a restaurant in London, Cotidie, which, however, decided to sell only a year after the opening. Bruno Barbieri’s last restaurant was The Fourghetti of Bologna, opened in 2016, a place that is still very renowned despite having sold it to Erik Lavacchielli in 2020.

His work as a chef has been, as we have seen, very troubled, however his career in television has not. He has conducted since the first season, as a judge, the program Masterchef Italyhe then also led Italian cooks in 2020 and 2021to then become the conductor and “different twin” of Alessandro Borghese in the program 4 Hotel (born after the success of Four restaurants).

How much does it cost to eat at Barbieri’s?

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to eat at Barbieri’s? Let’s begin by specifying that all of its premises (except the Grotta di Brisighella) have or have had the double Michelin star, but the kitchen is no longer led by Barbieri. In fact, where Barbieri passed he left his mark: Il Trigabolo had two stars from 1980 to 1999; The Grotta di Brisighella one star from 1994 to 1995; Locanda Solarola two stars from 1996 to 2000 and Fourghetti two stars from 2001 to 2011. For a total of ben 7 place Michelin.

The Bistrot Fourghetti in Bologna is the most affordable: prices range from 16 to 20 euros for first courses and from 15 to 22 euros for a second course. Precisely the restaurant in question, as reported by Republic in 2017, it would invoice 300 thousand euros a year!

5 curiosities about Barbers

– He cooked for Andy Warhol during the nineties, when The Trigabolo it was famous and also frequented by internationally renowned personalities.

– He’s an Inter fan.

– He played football up to the age of twenty even at good levels.

– One of his greatest wishes was to cook for the Queen Elizabeth II.

– Would like to act together with Johnny Depp or, at least, be able to cook for him.

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