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Tall and with graying hair, Giorgio Locatelli became the judge of Masterchef Italia in 2019, taking over from Antonia Klugmann. Let’s get to know him better!

Giorgio Locatelli has become judge of Masterchef Italy not before 2019, but since its first edition it has managed to conquer critics and audiences. Although he was a little known face to us Italians, Locatelli is a real celebrity in England. In the city of London in fact he runs a ristorante Italian, the first abroad to obtain the coveted stella Michelin. Here he successfully repeats dishes typical Italians revisited to satisfy the British taste. But who is Giorgio Locatelli? Let’s find out together!

Who is Giorgio Locatelli: biography

Giorgio Locatelli was born in Corgeno of Vergiate, on the very shore of Lake Maggiore, on April 7, 1963 (Aries). Already at the age of 5 he was in the kitchen together with his uncle, owner of the restaurant with a Michelin star Cinzianella. However, his ambition led him to leave Italy immediately after graduation. After a period spent in Paris, Locatelli moved to London.

George Locatelli
George Locatelli

Olive, Saffron and finally Locanda Locatelli these are the three restaurants that the chef has led to success as first experiences. Locanda Locatelli, opened in 2002, in fact obtained in just one year a Michelin star. However, due to a fire in 2014 he was forced to close his restaurant for restoration.

Thus begins to appear in television and to write several books on Italian cuisine. Locatelli then arrives at Masterchef Italia, where she took the place of Antonia Klugmann alongside Antonino Cannavacciulo, Bruno Barbieri and Joe Bastianich (who, however, left the show in 2019). The more observant will remember that he is not new to the talent show: in fact, during the seventh season he was a guest of the show and pleasantly impressed the audience for his kindness and calm manners.

Success as a judge then paved the way for him to conduct a new cooking talent, particularly in the art of chocolate. In fact, in 2021 he will host Maitre Chocolatier, the Italian program that sees 10 chocolate masters compete against each other judged by Nico Tomaselli, tip of the internationally renowned company Lindt and grand master of chocolate, and the pastry chef Melissa Forti. Also, in 2022, he served as host and judge on the show Home Restaurant su Tv8.

The private life of Giorgio Locatelli: wife and children

Giorgio Locatelli is married to Plaxy, at his side at the helm of the Locanda Locatelli. Their daughter Margherita Locatelli was born from their union. Due to some intolerance problems, chef Locatelli began to see her cooking in a different way and to experiment with new combinations that could adapt to his daughter’s diet.

Also, wife Plaxy has another son, Jackborn from a previous union, which nevertheless has a wonderful relationship with Locatelli and, all four together, create a beautiful family in Camden Town, where they live.

Who is Giorgio Locatelli’s wife?

We know her name, but not her surname: she is Plaxy Locatelli and she has no social profiles (even if she occasionally pops into the Giorgio’s Instagram profile with some snap).

Your account information is a bit sparse: we know, however, that she was a vegetarian before meeting the chef and that today she is at his side in the life and management of the London restaurant.

The wedding was celebrated on August 5, 1995 and the pair still appear to be very close.

The chef’s restaurants and the Michelin stars

In addition to the three restaurants we have already talked about (and which have brought him success): Zafferano (where he hasn’t worked since 2001), Olivo which he led for about 1 year and Locanda Locatelli, the chef also juggles the cuisine of Dubai , in the hotel restaurant Atlantis The Palm Of Dubai. Her kingdom in this idyllic place is called Ronda Locatelli.

The chef, despite his television fame and published books, has never stopped working in the kitchen and this has been noticed not only by his lucky customers, but also by the Michelin judges. In addition to the star of Locanda Locatelli he also worked and obtained the star in Zafferano restaurant in 1999star kept even after his abandonment and until 2012.

As for the prices of the restaurant in London, they are less expensive than one might expect: in fact, they start from 14.50 pounds for an appetizer.

3 curiosities about chef Locatelli

• Locatelli does not rule out opening a restaurant in Italyprobably in Sicily.

• Wrote several booksamong the most famous we remember Made in Sicily. The recipes of the Sicilian tradition.

• Has a dog, Olive, who loves madly. She likes to photograph it and put it on display, so much so that she opens a Instagram profile all dedicated to her.

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