Properties of dark chocolate: because it’s good for you

Dark chocolate is food rich in property for health. The positive effects it has on the mind and body are widely demonstrated and mainly attributed to the abundance of flavonols present in the cocoa bean. It is precisely the quantity of this ingredient, in fact, that determines the benefits of dark chocolate. The greater the amount of cocoa contained in the chocolate, the greater the nutritional intake.

But let’s see why it’s good for you, what it’s for and which chocolate to choose to enjoy all the properties of such a delicious food.

Properties of dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains important nutrients for the well-being of mind and body. It is source of protein, grassi e Mineral saltsas well as of antioxidant compounds such as polyphenols, flavonols and catechins. Think that proportionally, 100 grams of cocoa contain more ferro of 100 grams of meat, plus magnesium of 100 grams of bananas, plus of phosphorus of 100 grams of cod. Still, it contains more antioxidants than blueberries and even acai berries.

It is no coincidence that dark chocolate is classified according to the percentage of cocoa it contains and that the properties of the bean are preserved in different quantities depending on the type of dark chocolate. It is always recommended, in fact, to prefer dark chocolate with the highest percentage of cocoa possible. The more the percentage of cocoa increases, the greater the benefits.

How many types of dark chocolate

On the market we find many types of chocolate and dark chocolate, specifically, is classified according to the percentage of cocoa it contains. IT IS:

  • Black, bitter or darkare synonyms that indicate a chocolate with a quantity of cocoa equal to at least 45%.
  • Extra dark or dark chocolatewith a percentage from 70% up.
  • Pure. It is 100% dark chocolate.

Because eating dark chocolate is good for you

In cocoa beans have been identified as well 200 different organic compounds with beneficial properties for health. Consequently, consuming dark chocolate in the right quantities (we are talking about one chocolate a day) can only bring great benefits.

Ally of the nervous system

Cocoa contains mineral salts and also a high quantity of magnesium, useful for physical well-being as well as forbalance of the nervous system. Helps avoid nervousness, anxiety and relaxes sleep.

Promotes good mood

It’s not legend. Dark chocolate is practically a natural antidepressant. In addition to the relaxing effect released by magnesium, it contains tryptophan, a substance that is transformed into serotonin and acts as a tonic on the nervous system, helping in a good mood.

Helps the heart and cardiorespiratory system

Precious source of antioxidants, cocoa promotes the heart well-being and the cardiorespiratory system. Thanks to the presence of theobromine it works as a vasodilator with positive effects on circulation and blood pressure. preventstherefore, from cardiovascular diseases such as stroke from stroke and helps against bad cholesterol for the benefit of the good one.


Dark chocolate is a very powerful anti-aging. Contrasts free radicals, cellular aging and prevents age-related cognitive decline. But even more important, it provides the right energy boost to better face the day.

The presence of caffeine has a slight stimulating effect and can help concentration.

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