Protein pancakes recipe with egg whites: perfect for breakfast!

How to turn your breakfast around? With protein pancakes! The recipe that we offer you today is based on egg whites, for a healthy and low-fat meal.

A protein breakfast is the best way to start the day, so today we’re going to make protein pancakes together with egg whites, oatmeal, coconut flour and a banana. To be enjoyed after an overnight fast, after training or just to try a different recipe than usual: they will win you over not only because they are good and rich in protein, 1 pancake in fact has about solo 86 kcal!

You can also make these protein pancakes without added protein powder – the ingredients themselves are ad high in protein and therefore perfect for a breakfast or a snack of this type. Let’s see now the recipe for pancakes with egg whites.

protein pancakes
protein pancakes

How to make pancakes with egg whites

  1. The preparation is very simple. Start by separating the yolks and whites and placing the latter in a bowl (you can always recycle the yolks for a delicious carbonara).
  2. Add the sugar or honey to the bowl and whip the egg whites with a hand whisk.
  3. Then add the Greek yogurt, the oatmeal, the pinch of yeast, and mix well, paying attention to do not disassemble the compound. If the batter is too thick, you can add a little milk to taste (cow or vegetable).
  4. At this point, you can proceed with cooking the dough: pour a ladle of batter into a hot non-stick pan. Cook on each side for about 2 minutes or until bubbles form on the surface bubbles; then, turn it over and cook for another couple of minutes.

Want to try an alternative recipe that doesn’t contain dairy products? Follow that of pancakes without milk.

How to season pancakes?

You can enjoy them with gods frozen raspberries, freshly cut fruit or peanut butter. For a protein accompaniment, opt for Greek yogurt. Alternatively, you can also enjoy them with a drizzle of honey (or maple syrup); finally, for the sweet tooth, green light to melted dark chocolate.


You can keep the pancakes for a day in the refrigerator, closed in an airtight container or covered in plastic wrap, but the advice is always to consume them as soon as they are made.

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