Pumpkin juice with orange for the winter

Pumpkin juice with orange for the winter

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Do not like baked pumpkin and pumpkin porridge? I recommend trying pumpkin juice. A bright vegetable drink has a life-affirming color, an unusual taste and is of great benefit. If you add an orange to the composition, the juice will acquire pleasant citrus notes.

Step by step cooking recipe

Peel the pumpkin from the peel and seeds, cut the flesh into small pieces.

Rinse the oranges well, scald with boiling water, then remove the zest.

Place the pieces of pumpkin in a saucepan, send the orange zest there, mix, pour water and boil over low heat until the pumpkin is soft (15-20 minutes after boiling).

Peel the oranges from which the zest was removed, divide into slices and smash with a blender – you should get orange juice with pulp.

When the pumpkin is ready, puree it with a blender until smooth.

Then add sugar and orange juice, stir and bring to a boil again. Then reduce the fire and, stirring, boil the juice for another 5-7 minutes.

Pour boiling pumpkin juice into pre-sterilized small jars or bottles, seal tightly, turn upside down and cool at room temperature. Store cooled juice in a cool, dark place.

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Ekaterina Parshina

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