Quick recipes for Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine it’s a special occasion to spend with your loved one, you can go out to dinner but you can also decide to stay at home. You can cook by yourself or together and, depending on your tastes, you can surprise your special someone. But there are some Quick Valentine’s Day Recipes who has no time for? The answer is yes and you can range from one classic menu still Vegan Valentine’s Day; you can serve a whole fish dinner or with sun meat dishes. The Quick recipes perfect for Valentine’s Day they are perfect for all tastes and for all food styles! Remember that i Valentine sweets they cannot be missing from your menu and if you don’t have much time you can think of a simple one ice-cream perhaps enriched by butter biscuits (also heart-shaped), from dried fruit grains or, why not, from chocolate chips. You could get a further idea by consulting the seasonal fruit and vegetables for the month of February.

The Quick Valentine’s Day Recipes they really have to be, so here’s a list of 10 preparations that won’t require more than 15 minutes in front of the stove and, in some cases, you won’t even have to turn them on.

Quick appetizers for Valentine’s Day

Swordfish tartare

In just over 10 minutes you will have a fresh, light, elegant and refined appetizer. The ingredients for the preparation of swordfish tartare they are few, this to enhance the taste of the sea. The only thing you have to pay attention to is the choice of fish which must be very fresh. A nice idea for decoration is to add some red fruit such as blueberries, currants or raspberries. Even small buds or edible flowers will be perfect. Keep the tartare in the refrigerator until serving.

Courgette carpaccio

10 minutes will be sufficient for the preparation of the courgette carpaccio. A simple and elegant appetizer, also perfect for vegetarians. The crunchiness of the raw zucchini, cut very thin, will give a pleasant sensation in the mouth and the hints of the balsamic vinegar will make this dish truly amazing. To enrich it, use nuts and cheese, serve it with a glass of Champagne and the result is guaranteed.

Quick starters for Valentine’s Day

Black truffle pasta

Il truffle it is a precious and perfect ingredient for a special dinner. Here’s that black truffle pasta it becomes a very quick first course suitable for Valentine’s Day. Remember to get yourself a truffle slicer and di slice it directly raw on the plate, it will be a very welcome scenographic effect. For this dish is perfect la fresh egg pasta. You can choose tagliolini, tagliatelle or pappardellebut always keep a little of the pasta cooking water, which you will need to mix it well and to make sure it does not dry out.

Gnocchi with cheese and pepper

Very quick to prepare cheese and pepper gnocchi they are a perfect first course for this occasion. THE classic potato dumplings they are ready in a few minutes (when they float to the surface) and this Roman sauce is undoubtedly one of the fastest. Also for this dish, always keep a little of the pasta cooking water, it will be useful for obtaining a delicious creamy sauce. Do you want to give a touch of freshness? Add the grated lime zest before serving.

Quick second courses for Valentine’s Day

Saltimbocca alla Romana

I Saltimbocca alla Romana they are a traditional dish that however contains a light and elegant taste. For the original recipe you need the calf meat, raw ham and sage, but you can also prepare your variant with chicken or turkey breast. The secret of this dish is precisely the rapid cooking which will allow the meat to remain tender and succulent.

Baked salmon

Bringing a second course of fish to the table makes dinner always very refined. The baked salmon it does not require special skills in the kitchen and above all it is ready in minutes. Enrich it with herbs and spices and perhaps even with a slice of lemon which will give it a Mediterranean scent. If it is possible, bone the salmon very well before cooking it, it will be easier to eat it once it is ready.

Quick side dishes for Valentine’s dinner

Romantic salad

Don’t underestimate the side dishes, they are essential to enhance a good main course and are also perfect as a second course if you prefer a lighter dinner. L’romantic salad it is much more than a side dish but a real dish with sinuous flavors and different textures. A rich and delicious side dish, but also an interesting appetizer perhaps served in small single-portion glasses.

Orange salad

From the Sicilian culinary tradition, theOrange salad it is appreciated throughout Italy. A winter side dish with contrasting flavors that add sweetness and acidity to the palate. This salad goes well with main courses of meat and fish. Enrich it with Taggiasca olives for a pleasant bitter note.

Fast Valentine’s Day desserts

Macedonia of mango, pineapple and kiwi

Preparing a good dessert in a few minutes is very difficult, but fruit comes in handy. Serve this exotic fruit salad with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and your Valentine’s dessert will be ready.

Macedonia al prosecco

Another very quick idea for a quick Valentine’s dessert is the macedonia al prosecco. Prepare it in advance if you can, in order to marinate the fruit well. Even prepared at the last moment it will still be delicious. Perhaps enrich it with pomegranate seeds to give it a pleasant crunchy note. For an even sweeter note, also accompany this fruit salad with vanilla chocolate ice cream.

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