Raclette grill: how to use it and how to cook it

If you like cheese, you’ll love the grill for squeegeea specific grill to prepare this traditional Swiss and French dish based on melted cheese, usually served with potatoes and other accompaniments.

It looks like a real one grill under which, once lit, special saucepans must be placed to insert the thinly sliced ​​cheese so that it can melt. Once the grill is hot, place the ingredients on top of the grill and wait for the cheese to melt and become creamy.

Processed cheese should be poured onto plates using a spatula to scrape it from the pots and thus enjoy all the flavor of the cheese chosen for the raclette.

There are compact and economical household models, but also professional models used by chefs in restaurants. THE costs they therefore range from a few tens of euros and can exceed 200 euros.

Furthermore, they are commercially available raclette accessories ideal for those who have a grill or a grill and want to cook raclette by integrating only the parts that are missing and which represent the basis of this recipe, i.e. the pans and spatulas.

But what are the best raclette grills?

Mini grill per raclette

A raclette grill usually features a cast iron or metal plate that is heated and used directly at the table. They come in different sizes and shapes including i mini-grill per racletteor compact models, not bulky and for a few people, perfect for couples or families of up to 4 people.

These are models that do not have a very high cost and whose strong point is the size compactness. In fact, they often have two shelves on which to cook, a lower one for placing cheese and an upper one for placing other foods.

There are models designed specifically for couples, therefore two-person raclette grillperfect for a romantic evening or for singles who, despite their size, do not sacrifice heating power.

Like the raclette grill guardcompact but powerful, equipped with 3 mini raclette pans with non-slip and anti-scald insulated handles.

Grill per raclette Voohek

Grill per raclette Voohek

There are then 4 person raclette grillideal for families or couples of friends, which have a greater capacity, 4 pans and a more spacious plate than the 2-person models.

For example, SEVERIN RG 2370 is a mini raclette grill with non-stick pans and grill plate for 4 people, only 26 cm wide.

SEVERIN RG 2370 – Mini raclette grill

SEVERIN RG 2370 – Mini raclette grill

Professional raclette grill

Those who love cheese to the point of wanting to invest in a more complete machine can find many on the market grill for professional raclettes. These are models made of high quality materials, which feature an efficient cooking plate, temperature regulation, but also an ergonomic design.

They can be models bulkier and they clearly have a higher cost compared to more compact domestic ones. However, they are the ideal solution for those who want to prepare elaborate recipes and adjust the temperature to their liking.

There are complete models that include, in addition to the raclette grill, also a whole cheese fondue setas in the case of Klarstein 3-in-1, a professional set with internal stone grill. It also includes easy-to-clean non-stick forks, coasters and small frying pans for a complete cooking experience.

Klarstein 3-in-1 Raclette Grill and Cheese Fondue Set

Klarstein 3-in-1 Raclette Grill and Cheese Fondue Set

There are also Original French raclette appliances with heating ramps that adjust in height similar to those used in restaurants. They have a completely different shape from domestic models and are designed to make quality culinary preparations at home.

The raclette appliance Brezière all di Louis Tellier it’s one of them, with two heating ramps that adjust in height to fit the size of cheese you choose (1/6 or 1/4 mole) and get closer as the serving gets smaller.

Brezière all di Louis Tellier

Brezière all di Louis Tellier

Accessories for cooking raclette

In many cases, a grill pan is enough to prepare raclette, however, to proceed with the preparation according to the original recipe, it is necessary to have accessories for cooking raclette.

These accessories include the raclette pans e wooden shovels to remove the melted cheese and lay it on top of the dish or food.

Raclette pans Tiger chin white they have just this purpose: they are made of non-stick material and are equipped with practical wooden spatulas that are easy to clean.

Tigerkinwit raclette pans

Tigerkinwit raclette pans

There are also gods set through non-stick racletteboth in frying pans and spatulas, such as QcuGvy’s 8-piece set.

QcuGvy Raclette pans

QcuGvy Raclette pans

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