Recipe: Apple Pie Cream

Apple pie "creamy": step 1

1. Put sugar, margarine or butter, vegetable oil, salt into the bowl.

Apple pie "creamy": step 2

2. Boil milk and immediately pour into the bowl, mix and cool slightly.

Apple pie "creamy": step 3

3. Pour warm water into the bread machine and crumble the yeast.

Apple pie "creamy": step 4

4. Pour a warm oil solution into the yeast and add the sifted flour. We put the Dough program – designed for 1 hour 30 minutes and turn on the bread machine.

Apple pie "creamy": step 5

5. While the dough is being prepared, make the streusel and filling, if not ready. Grind all the ingredients for the streusel into small crumbs and put in the refrigerator.

Apple pie "creamy": step 6

6. I have the filling ready, but I had to cut the apples smaller! If there is no filling, then peel the apples, cut into small cubes and stew in a pan with sugar to taste, but not to porridge!

Apple pie "creamy": step 7

7. After the signal of the bread machine, open the lid – we don’t get the dough !!!

Apple pie "creamy": step 8

8. Knead the dough right in the bread machine, close the lid and forget for 30 minutes

Apple pie "creamy": step 9

9. The dough is ready. We divide it into 6 equal parts. We roll each part thinly into a circle, I rolled it out by 21 cm .. It will take a form of 22-23 cm, I used 20 and there was little space for the pie, it went up, it didn’t affect the taste, but it turned out to be painfully high). We spread the streusel on half the circle – pour it in one layer, but do not save!)

Apple pie "creamy": step 10

10. Cover with the second half of the circle.

Apple pie "creamy": step 11

11. We spread the filling and roll the dough to the center on both sides with bags. To make it more convenient to fold, in the middle, where the bags connect, do not lay out apples, I laid out, it was a little inconvenient to connect.

Apple pie "creamy": step 12

12. We spread it in a mold (lay the bottom with parchment) The oven is heated to 180 degrees.

Apple pie "creamy": step 13

13. Lubricate with yolk in half with water and sprinkle with the remaining streusel. Leave in a warm place for 20 minutes. Put in the oven. I baked for 1 hour – focus on your oven!!

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