Recipe: Burrata

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What to do if you really want to be somewhere in Italy, sit at a small table in a small cafe with a glass of wine?

Burrata – a piece of Italy on your plate))

The recipe, or rather, how and with what you can eat this wonderful tender cheese … Now I’ll tell you everything!

We will need a tomato, it is important that it be very tasty and fleshy, it will be much tastier. Fresh basil leaves, olive oil and balsamic sauce.

So let’s go, everything is extremely simple!

Cut the tomato into circles, about 4-5 mm thick, not too thin.

In general, for those who do not know, Burrata is stracciatella cheese wrapped in a bag of mozzarella cheese))

Add fresh green basil to these colors. And in the center we put the treasured bag.

The final touch will be balsamic sauce.

That’s all, Italy in all its glory is on your table.

Bon appetit,

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