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Fresh fish is a guarantee of success: here’s how to make marinated anchovies, a tasty appetizer to start a dinner with friends in the best possible way.

One thing is certain: if the fish is very fresh, prepare marinated anchovies – a very tasty seafood appetizer whose success depends precisely on the fish quality – will already be a guarantee of success. They can be accompanied by crostini or bruschetta and are certainly the ideal opening for a fish-based lunch or dinner. Marinated anchovies will need to rest before being served: here’s why it is important to remember to prepare them at least half a day in advancein order not to risk that haste makes the dish less appetizing.

For the marinade it is recommended to use dishes or ovenproof dishes glass or ceramic and never in plastic or metal: this is because the last two materials, in contact with acidic substances, they risk releasing harmful substances. Follow us and we will explain how to make marinated anchovies.

Marinated anchovies
Marinated anchovies

Preparation of marinated anchovies

Chopped garlic, parsley with oil

1. Start from the emulsion for the marinade: chop the garlic and parsley and add some oil.

Emulsion with lemon, vinegar and salt
Emulsion with lemon, vinegar and salt

2. Then pour the vinegar, a pinch of salt and the filtered lemon juice into a bowl to prevent seeds or pulp from ending up in the mixture.

Mix the marinade together

3. Mix together for uniform everything.

Clean and wash the anchovies

4. Now take care of the fish cleaning which will have to be demolished already. Remove the head and internal bone from the fish and wash carefully. Put the anchovies in a colander so that they lose the excess water and pat them dry with absorbent paper.

Marinate the anchovies

5. In a glass or ceramic dish arrange gently the anchovies, fully opened, e pour the emulsion: take care to completely cover your anchovies. Leave to marinate for at least two hours: the effect will be that of cooking and the fish will turn white. Do not leave to marinate beyond 4 hours or the risk will be to see the anchovies deteriorate.

Drain and serve the anchovies

6. After the necessary time, take another baking dish and carefully arrange the anchovies (without rinsing them): make a first layer and pour over a drizzle of oil and some chopped parsley and, if you like, some fresh chilli pepper cut into small pieces , then proceed with the rest of the layers by repeating the procedure.
7. Put your pan of anchovies in the fridge and let it rest for at least 8 hours.
8. Take them out of the fridge half an hour before serving: your tasty marinated anchovies are ready.

And there it is video recipe to prepare them step by step at home:

If you like this type of fish, try the pasta with anchovies and breadcrumbs!

Tips for the recipe of marinated anchovies

For marinated anchovies, as for any other recipe that calls for the consumption of raw fish, these must first be blast chilled. You can buy them already blast chilled but the advice is to place them in the freezer at -18 degrees for at least 96 hours.

We advise you to do this by placing them on a tray, without overlapping them: you can gut them and clean them before placing them in the freezer, without washing them, then cleaning them once they have thawed.


You can keep the anchovies for a day in the refrigeratorwell covered with film or closed in an airtight container.

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