Recipe for fried vegetables in vegan batter: the natural mixed fry

Fried vegetables in vegan batter are a really tasty finger food, perfect to serve as a single dish or second course.

Today we prepare a dish that is impossible to resist: fried vegetables in vegan batter. If you want a delicious recipe that will impress your guests and that won’t waste too much time in the kitchen, then you’re in the right place. And what’s more, with our preparation you can make vegetables in batter also suitable for those who follow one diet vegan.

Let’s go see all the ingredients to make this one Fantastic mixed fried vegetables 100% VEG!

fried vegetables in vegan batter
fried vegetables in vegan batter

Preparation of fried battered vegetables

  1. Let’s see immediately how to make the batter. The vegan recipe can be made in different ways, and today we will use sparkling water and rice flour. Pour the latter into a bowl and start pouring therewater gradually, continuing to mix forcefully with a fork. Add a little salt and balance the flour well with the water, until you have obtained a fluid mixture.
  2. Let the batter for the fried vegetables rest in refrigerator. In the meantime, start washing and cleaning all the vegetables that will make up your dish. Try to make small pieces, so that once immersed in oil boiling can cook perfectly.
  3. Dip the pieces of vegetables in the batter, and put the frying oil on the heat. Fry a few at a time, so as to achieve optimal crunchiness, and once they are goldendry them with kitchen paper.
  4. Serve the crispy fried vegetables with salt and, if you like, some lemon juice. Enjoy your meal!

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The fried is superb when tasted just ready, still warm and nice crunchy. You can also freeze them in the freezer to make them last longer: dry them well from the excess oil after frying them, place them on a tray and transfer them to the freezer for at least 24 hours. Once well frozen, put the vegetables in food bags and leave them in the freezer until needed.

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