Recipe: Marinated roast beef

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So let’s go!

First, we remove all the films as much as possible so that the meat is as clean as possible and subsequently there are no problems with chewing))

Next, prepare the marinade and first of all cut the red onion into half rings about 3-4 mm thick. Then cut the parsley coarsely enough, add a tablespoon of coriander and rosemary, oil and soy sauce. Choose the amount of oil and soy sauce depending on the amount of meat and the size of the container, but most importantly, keep the proportions 3 to 1.

I have 100 ml. oils and 300 ml. soy sauce.

After the marinade, pour dry garlic, pepper, salt onto the board and roll the meat well.

We spread the meat on a hot pan and fry all sides, about 2-3 minutes until a crust forms.

Marinated roast beef is great in salads, appetizers, meat plates, canapes.

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Let’s get back to cooking.

After frying, the meat must be dipped in the marinade.

We move the bulk of the onion and parsley and lay the pieces, and then cover the meat, it is necessary that the marinade completely covers the meat.

And now we send it to the refrigerator under the lid for 12 hours, after 6 hours it is better to turn the pieces of meat over.

Well, the next evening, your fragrant, spicy and bright roast beef is ready, pink and juicy, by the way, an excellent dish for the festive table!

Well, one of the ways to submit.

Boil potatoes, cut into plastics and put on a plate alternating with meat, pickled onions on top and serve with sour cream.

Well, how is it? Everything is very simple, a little sour cream, potatoes and roast beef with pickled onions and you’re done.

Bright and at the same time very refined taste will amaze you!

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