Recipe: Mashed Potato Soup

Step by step cooking recipe

First of all, we chop the onion, you can not grind it, then everything will break through with a blender.

Many soups have their own unique origin story.

Some can boast of whole legends. Puree soups are not just a legendary dish, but one that has a real royal origin.

Then chop the garlic

Next, cut the potatoes, the smaller they are cut, the faster the soup will cook.

According to another legend, the inventor of mashed potatoes was King Louis XV of France. Once on a hunt, His Majesty was very hungry, and only seemingly not the most compatible products were at hand – onions, cream and champagne. (Photo of onion cream and champagne).

They served as the basis for the very first puree soup. True or not, no one knows for sure. But what can be one hundred percent sure – since then, puree soups have firmly entered our diet, becoming one of our favorite dishes.

Then we send all the ingredients in turn to the pan in which everything will be cooked, fry the onion until slightly golden, add the garlic, simmer for a minute until the garlic aroma appears and then add the potatoes and water, about 1.5 liters

And leave until the potatoes are completely cooked.

At this time, cut the bacon, cut it finely and send it to the pan, fry until golden brown, if desired, you can add a little salt and pepper.

After the potatoes have boiled, remove the pan from the stove and take a blender in our hands and turn our workpiece into a puree soup. Salt to taste.

Be sure to check if everything is finely chopped.

Next, return the pan to the stove and gradually introduce the cream and mix constantly, everything will come together and the soup is ready!

Be sure to use our fried bacon and croutons for serving, you can also add smoked paprika if you wish.

Easy, fast and delicious!

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