Recipe: Ojakhuri

Step by step cooking recipe

The first in line is pork, cut into fairly large pieces.

I cook in a thick-walled pot, pour in the oil and send the meat to fry.

The next ingredient is potatoes, cut it into approximately the same pieces as meat, quite large.

Don’t forget to stir the pork from time to time.

After cutting, we send the potatoes in a bag and cook in the microwave,

we have a separate video on this channel on this method, a link to it will appear on the right.

Next, cut the onion, in half rings, you should not make it very thin, the onion should be felt.

Over the years, new ingredients were added to ojakhuri and the dish began its journey through Georgian villages and cities until it became one of the main dishes of the national cuisine.

Ojakhuri is prepared from different types of meat (beef, pork and even chicken).

While frying the meat, peel and chop the garlic, but first of all we send the onion to the meat.

It’s time to add all the spices and garlic.

Classically, ojakhuri is usually served in national dishes – ketsi, these are pans of various sizes, made of clay or black stone, designed for cooking on the grill, coals, oven or stove.

5 minutes after the garlic, cut the tomatoes, also into large pieces and begin to collect.

Add potatoes, tomatoes, mix everything and leave covered for 10 minutes over low heat.

Well, that’s all and ready, colorful and vibrant Georgia at your home.

Additional Information

From Georgian, ojakhuri is translated as “family”, that is, a dish that is intended for the whole family. There is a legend about the history of the appearance of ojakhuri. In one of the mountainous Georgian villages, an ordinary family faced a problem: the family is large, and there is very little meat left. To feed everyone, the mother added an equal amount of potatoes to the pan and seasoned with traditional spices. The children liked the new dish so much that they asked to cook it more often.

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