Recipe: Omelet with bacon

Step by step cooking recipe

We will cook one of the most delicious and colorful breakfast options today, and all from the simplest products!

We need bacon, three eggs, butter and cheese.

First of all, cut a couple of strips of bacon into medium sizes.

Break the eggs into a mixing bowl.

Then add the butter to the heated frying pan, it is very important to just melt it, not letting it start to burn.

After the butter has melted, pour it over the eggs, stirring slightly until smooth, and again all this in a frying pan for a quarter more than the average fire.

You can add a little salt, but remember that bacon is also very salty.

After the edges begin to turn white, add bacon to half the dish.

Then fold in half to cover the filling.

Turn off the heat and leave covered for just a minute.

It is important that the egg remains a little liquid inside, i.e. no need to bake completely.

Add a little grated cheese already at the time of serving and a great breakfast is ready.

Bright taste of bacon, lots of butter and scrambled eggs – it’s super tasty!

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