Recipe: Vintage Wreath

Wreath "vintage": step 1

1. Cut the pork pulp into small pieces and fry

Wreath "vintage": step 2

2. Cut mushrooms and fry with meat

Wreath "vintage": step 3

3. Add onion cut into half rings and fry until golden brown

Wreath "vintage": step 4

4. Zucchini cut into strips

Wreath "vintage": step 5

5. Fry until tender, add garlic and salt to taste

Wreath "vintage": step 6

6. lay out the shape of a wreath from arugula

Wreath "vintage": step 7

7. We put all the ingredients on a wreath, add cherry tomatoes, pour over with oil and sprinkle with pomegranate seeds! Bon appetit! Happy New Year!

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