Recycle nut shells: here are some ideas

When we eat the nights think about how to recycle i shells it is not automatic, but it can prove to be an excellent choice. With a little creativityIndeed, hard coatings can give life to objects interesting. Give her decorations there are many alternatives to the more distinctly useful options and goodwill is the only requisite.

1 Candles

Recycling the shells of walnuts can mean trying your hand at creating candles. Beware of do not crush the coatings at the opening of the fruits is the first step. It is then sufficient to fill the two halves of the shell with some cera and add a wick. With a few drops of essential oils the work will also prove to be healthy and fragrant.

2 Recycle nut shells as decorations

Nut shells can easily be made into nice ones decorations. By adding to these a toothpick on which to place a piece of orange peel or a small piece of cloth, it is possible to create original little boats. With a few little extra precautions, the coverings can also become little animals. Cardstock, paper mache, fabric, cotton and string can help us get ears, paws and a tail, while i colors acrylics complete the work. Topi e turtles they represent the most affordable options, but nothing prevents you from having fun.

3 Pinholes

Another option is to process nut shells into pin holder. To do this, simply fill them with a small one cushion made to measure, obtained with a piece of fabric in which somewadding. The whole must be then glued to the lining.

4 Soap

If you choose to recycle the nut shells, it is also possible to create scented ones bars of soap exfoliants. To do this you need to melt the bars of soap, oi residues of them, in a bain-marie and then add the shells of walnuts finely chopped in a mixer. The compound will be placed in special containers pictureswhere it can solidify.

5 Jewels

If our dexterity is particularly strong, recycling walnut shells can also mean giving life to elegant ones jewelry. In this case, however, the coverings must be carved and then transformed into bracelets, necklaceswith the addition of copper wire, or even in originals earrings.

6 Mosaics

For those who want to recycle nut shells, but haven’t had the foresight not to break them during the opening of the fruit, there is still a possibility. These can, in fact, be transformed, by staying be careful not to get cut, into small pieces of mosaic. By coloring them with the right shades, it will then be possible to use them to give life to paintings, starting from a drawing made on cardboard resistant.

Recycling the nut shells is, in short, anything but complicated. Choosing this path also means limiting the waste and move concretely towards a more lifestyle ecofriendly. Whereas, in theory our diet should include the consumption of 5/7 nights per day, the material at our disposal should not be lacking.

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