Redcurrant jam – a simple and delicious recipe, how to cook step by step

Red currant jam

I will share with you a proven recipe for healthy and tasty redcurrant jam. Rich in vitamins, iron and potassium, fragrant jam will appeal to households. Add it to desserts and pastries, or simply spread it on bread. Very tasty with tea!

Step by step cooking recipe

Rinse the currants under running water and drain in a colander. Then carefully remove the berries from the branches, fill with water and boil over medium heat for 5 minutes.

Rub the softened currant through a sieve.

Add sugar to the grated berries, mix, bring the workpiece to a boil. Then, over low heat, stirring, cook the jam for about half an hour.

Pack hot currant jam in pre-prepared sterile 0.5 l jars, seal tightly and cool. For long-term storage, move the workpiece to a cool, dark place.

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Ekaterina Parshina

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