Romantic dinner at home: original ideas and easy recipes

One of the classic attributes of Valentine’s Day is a romantic dinner for two at home. However, you can create a special atmosphere and please your loved one with delicious dishes on another day. The reason may be the successful completion of the project, a birthday, a significant anniversary. By the way, it is not necessary to look for a reason: a spontaneous meeting will help refresh feelings, talk heart to heart, devote time to each other.

Planning a romantic dinner for a loved one: important points

A romantic dinner at home is not just delicious dishes. This is, first of all, a special atmosphere, literally saturated with love, tenderness, care. To create this atmosphere will help:

  • Table setting.

Do not think that the aesthetic component of the holiday is important only for women – men also appreciate beauty. Let your table be a canvas that you will decorate with a beautiful tablecloth and fabric napkins with metal rings, stylish tableware, refined glasses with long graceful legs and, of course, candles that will add a touch of magic to your celebration. In the center you can place a picturesque flower arrangement. The original touch will be the flower petals scattered on the table.

A homemade romantic dinner should be decorated in colors that are associated with love. For this, red, pink, burgundy are suitable. And neutral white will help to dilute these noble, bright shades. As an accent, you can add a luxurious golden color (candlesticks, napkin rings, ribbons on flowers).

  • Correct background.

Muted light, unobtrusive aroma, quiet music – such an environment will help you relax. When choosing a melody, you can stop at “your” song – a composition that is symbolic for your couple. You can also make a playlist of slow romantic tracks. Aroma candles or your favorite perfume will help fill the air with aroma: sweet vanilla, spicy cinnamon, spicy musk, delicate caramel, tart chocolate, floral and woody aromas will create the right mood.

If you are an adherent of classical celebrations, you can stop at the first two points. And if you want something unusual? Try to organize a stylized romantic dinner – for example, in the style of the entourage of the 20s or in the spirit of your favorite movie.

Fans of non-standard solutions will also appreciate the idea of ​​an atmospheric picnic: the table does not have to be the center of a romantic dinner. Spread a cozy blanket on the floor, throw in soft pillows and watch your favorite movie on the big screen of a TV or projector together with your loved one.

What to cook for a romantic dinner for two?

The table is set, the atmosphere is created. Now the appearance of the main characters of the evening – delicious dishes. For a romantic dinner, it is not customary to cook heavy, hearty meals – light snacks, salads, dietary meat, and fish are preferred. Firstly, after a date, you can go to the cinema or go for a walk (and walking on a full stomach is uncomfortable). Secondly, if you devote the whole day to cooking, then there will simply be no energy left for an important evening.

Another important point: on a special day, you want to please your loved one with something exquisite, so your table may include seafood, caviar, exotic fruits, dishes with interesting combinations of ingredients.

With these two points in mind – light meals and unusual products – and make a menu.

The main characters of a romantic dinner are snacks. They should not saturate: their task is different – to whet the appetite, “tease”, prepare the taste buds for the next stage. For example, your significant other will definitely appreciate the original serving of shrimps in bacon with arugula or the exciting flavor combinations of mozzarella with figs and bacon. Fans of unconventional food combinations will appreciate the tender ham mousse with cheese, Tabasco sauce and lemon zest. Miniature canapés with cheese and fruit will masterfully cope with the role of a light snack.

For “warming up” serve and salads. So, a salad with seafood and pineapple, which is decorated with red-burgundy pomegranate seeds, will seduce with bright spring colors. A hot salad will also help surprise your soul mate. Another non-standard solution is a salad with green leaves, kiwi, apple, walnuts, blue cheese.

You can also go to main course. Salmon skewers or baked fish, baked rabbit with spices or pasta with cream sauce and red caviar are perfect for its role.

Can’t do without the dessert. The basic rules also work here: desserts should be light and always with a romantic decor. Curd and fruit mousses, cheesecakes, cakes with delicate sour cream and berry filling, cakes, tiramisu are suitable. For decoration, you can use coconut flakes, confectionery sprinkles or heart-shaped marmalade. Fruit dessert lovers will appreciate fruit and berry salads, such as strawberry salad with basil and chocolate honey sauce. And you can take a non-standard approach to the use of familiar fruits. For example, regular pears can be caramelized and served with dorblu or gorgonzola cheese. They will sparkle with all facets of taste!

You will find a large collection of recipes for a romantic dinner on the portal. Each recipe is accompanied by step-by-step instructions and photos, which means that the cooking process will be easier and faster. Open new culinary horizons and give love to each other!

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