Rosa canina, the benefits of the plant

Rosehip is one medicinal plant used for phytotherapeutic purposes since ancient times. In Italy it is the species of wild rose more common and grows spontaneously in hilly areas and up to high altitudes. It boasts numerous healing properties and benefits thanks to surprising concentration of vitamin C contained in berries (about 30 times more than oranges).

Also rich in antioxidants, rose hips help fight flu symptoms and allergies, strengthens the immune system and is excellent natural remedy for i seasonal ailments. So here are all the properties and benefits of dog rose, what it is good for and how to use the rose.

Rosehip characteristics

The dog rose belongs to the family of Rosacee, that which also includes most of the common fruit trees such as apple, cherry, peach, plum, etc. The plant flowers in spring, adorning the hedges of small roses with five petalsusually light in color. While I fruits, fleshy and scarlet, ripen late. They are ready between October and November and contain pulp and seeds.

It is precisely in the fruits that the best properties of dog rose. In their balsamic period these are excellent to be eaten fresh or transformed into a delicious jam. But they are also treated dried and you can choose which ones to use based on the intended use.

All the benefits of dog rose

The benefits of wild rose are known history to traditional medicine. Let’s talk about one medicinal pianta in all its parts and of which all is used. In particular, the berries of the plant are used for phytotherapeutic purposes. They contain important active ingredients such as ascorbic acid (vitamin C), polyphenols, anthocyanins, carotenoids and flavonoids, tannins and pectins. These help treat:

  • inflammation of the upper respiratory tract
  • vitamin deficiencies
  • immune system deficiencies
  • arthritis and osteoarticular disorders
  • disturbances in the absorption of calcium and iron
  • allergic-type reactions
  • injured and damaged skin.

An ally for the change of season

Rosehip is a real one vitamin C mine. We find them in the berries the highest concentration known in the plant worldtogether with vitamins A, E K. Thanks to this vitamin intake, dog rose increases the body’s defenses and stimulates the immune system. Ready at the end of summer and more precisely from the month of October onwards, rosehip berries seem like a natural remedy made available by nature to face the exhausting changes of season.

Even the new shoots of the plant, the buds, raise the immune system. These are mostly used in spring, when there is clearly no availability of fresh fruit, together with the young leaves and petals.

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