Russian pea pancakes with lard, mushrooms and onions

Sift pea (required) and wheat flour.

Whisk the egg with salt and pour in the kefir.

Add flour and mix thoroughly.

The dough will be thick.

Pour in warm water and stir.

Leave the dough for 20 minutes, because. pea flour should swell.

The dough should be a little thicker than we prepare for thin pancakes.

You may need to add a little more water, see the circumstances.

Before baking, add vegetable oil and baking powder to the dough.

Heat up a frying pan, greasing with vegetable oil.

Pour the dough and, until the top has seized, sprinkle with fried lard, mushrooms and onions.

Bake pancakes over moderate heat for about 1 minute on each side.

Since the dough is quite thick, the pancakes will be slightly plump.

I baked small pancakes, diameter 11 cm.

For baking, cut the salted bacon into thin strips and fry in a pan until lightly browned.

Add chopped onion and mushrooms.

Fry everything together, adding vegetable oil.

The cake can be prepared the day before.

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