Salad with beans, corn, smoked sausage and tomatoes

Recipe photo: Salad with beans, corn, smoked sausage and tomatoes

Step by step cooking recipe

We start with sausage, I use semi-smoked, to be precise, then Krakow.

It must be cut into cubes, the size of which should be an average between the size of corn grains and beans.

2 tomatoes cut into cubes of relatively the same size as half-smoked sausage cubes.

Finely chop half an onion head.

I use white, lettuce onions, but this is not necessary, you can use an ordinary one.

Also, if desired, you can add greens to the salad.

Parsley is perfect for this purpose.

It needs to be finely chopped.

The next step is to take a deep bowl and transfer all the chopped ingredients into it.

Add 200 g of canned beans to them, pass 1 clove of garlic through a garlic press or rub on a fine grater.

We add the ingredients and add a few tablespoons of mayonnaise, mix everything together and serve.

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