Salad with corn and tomatoes recipe with photo step by step and video

This salad can be cooked with an egg, or without it – the calorie content of the dish will be less, but the satiety of the salad will greatly decrease.

Tomatoes choose juicy, but dense. Soft fruits do not hold their shape well; in the process of cutting and cooking, they will spread into a shapeless mass and spoil the appearance of the dish.

How to buy canned corn? Be sure to check the expiration date on the jar. If the container is glass, meticulously examine the grains. They must be the same size and color, whole and without spots. The composition should not contain dyes, preservatives and flavor enhancers.

Mayonnaise is better to cook yourself. It will be tastier and healthier. See interesting homemade mayonnaise recipes here.
Also, as a dressing, you can use not only mayonnaise, but also sour cream or natural yogurt. They can be taken separately or mixed with mayonnaise in any proportion to your taste – this will reduce the calorie content of the dish.

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