Salad with crab sticks and chicken breast

Step by step cooking recipe

I cut the smoked chicken breast into cubes and put it in a deep bowl.

You should not change the smoked breast for boiled, you will not get the salad that I suggest you try.

I cut half of the onion as small as possible and add to the meat.

I cut the crab sticks into a cube the size of a chicken breast and send it to the bowl.

I cut the pickled cucumbers into smaller pieces and add to the rest of the ingredients.

The next ingredient I cut the avocado, which I peel and remove the stone.

I add canned corn to the rest of the ingredients.

Black ground pepper and salt.

Pay attention to salt, as the breast and crab sticks are already salty.

And also there are pickled cucumbers.

For my taste, it took quite a bit of salt.

Before serving, I add my homemade mayonnaise and mix the salad.

Here is such a bright, delicious salad I will have this year for the holidays.

Try and cook it. It will be delicious. Promise.

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