Salad with herring and beans

Step by step cooking recipe

I clean one large herring from the insides, skin, head and tail.

Divide into two fillets, removing as much bones as possible.

I cut into very small pieces.

I cut the red onion into half rings.

Spread to the herring separating the half rings from each other.

I squeeze the juice of a lemon and add it to the herring with onions.

I mix and leave for 20 minutes.

I drain the excess liquid so that the finished salad does not “float”.

I add sunflower oil and mustard with grains to the bowl and mix.

I cut yellow and red sweet pepper into large cubes and add to the bowl.

I cut boiled eggs.

The last ingredient I add boiled beans.

I mix all the ingredients and serve.

Believe me, it’s very tasty.

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