Salad with roast beef and arugula

Step by step cooking recipe

Let’s get started.

First, let’s make the sauce. add olive oil to the mustard, squeeze the lemon juice in about the same proportion, one and a half teaspoons of honey, a little pepper and salt and mix everything.

Next, cut the potatoes into large pieces.

And we send it to cook, I don’t focus on this and move on, now we need to fry the potato wedges. Carefully, we follow and turn over each separately, we need a beautiful color.

Next in line are tomatoes, cut into small pieces.

Cut the roast beef into slices and begin to collect the salad.

And how to make roast beef at home can be viewed at the link in the right corner of the screen.

and let’s start



potato wedges,

fragrant roast beef,

Pickled onions from meat are very good,

And pour over the sauce.

And you get an interesting taste, and definitely an unforgettable combination,

Perfect for just an evening out

It also makes a great addition to your holiday table.

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