Salad with tuna and mustard dressing

Step by step cooking recipe

To prepare a salad with tuna, canned food in its own juice without the addition of oil and salt is best suited.

Throw on a sieve to glass the liquid and break into pieces.

Cut cherry tomatoes in half.

Onion cut into thin half rings or quarter rings.

Boiled potatoes cut into medium cubes.

Let’s prepare the salad dressing.

Mix in a bowl vegetable oil (olive), lemon juice, mustard, honey (sugar), balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper to taste, if you have salted tuna, carefully do not oversalt.

Put in a salad bowl: greens, potatoes, onions, pieces of tuna, cherry tomatoes and pour over the salad with the prepared dressing.

Stir the salad before serving.

Tuna salad is ready, I wish you bon appetit!

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